Automatische regelaar voor PH en EC

Automatische regelaar voor PH en EC

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Bluelab PH Controller Bluelab PH Controller
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Bluelab pH Controller Automatische

Bluelab pH-controller

Hands-free monitoring en dosering van pH-waarden van de oplossing. Eenvoudig.
€ 499,90
Bluelab pH Controller Connect Bluelab pH Controller Connect
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Bluelab pH Controller Connect

Slimme monitoring, dosering en datalogging van pH-waarden. Maak het uzelf makkelijk.

€ 529,90
Peripod 3 - Bluelab
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Peripod 3 - Bluelab

  • Peristaltic pumps for accurate and consistent dosing of nutrient and pH into reservoirs
  • For convenience, doser can be positioned lower than the injection point
  • Quiet and fan-cooled for optimal performance
  • Manual dosing from the unit to prime tubing
  • 120ml/min pump flow rate
  • Offers an ultra-compact solution for space-saving environments
  • 4 metres/13 feet of tubing for dosing pH adjuster solution
  • High-strength acid-/alkaline-resistant tubing for safe dosing of pH up or down
  • 2x 4 metres/13 feet of food-grade tubing for dosing nutrient stock solution
  • Opaque nutrient tubing to prevent algae growth
  • Replaceable peristaltic pumps and tubing
  • Rugged wall-mounted design for long-lasting efficiency
  • PeriPods can be linked to create an expandable multi-part nutrient dosing system of up to 12 pumps*

*Please note: Only M series (M3 and M4) can be chained to together. L3 can only be chained to other L3s

€ 989,00